The summer is in full swing and if you have detailed your car already, it is probably time to dig in and do it again. With the trips to the beach, the grocery store, and maybe even a little roadtrip your car can become a mess in a matter of weeks. No matter what you do, the dirt, sand, and general grossness seems to find its way back into your car, particularly if you have kids. Because you are probably not going to get rid of your kids, regular detailing is the best way to keep your car looking its best on the inside. Of course, the interior only matters if the outside of the car looks like a million bucks and the easiest way to guarantee a flawless finish is to contact Performance Paint Protection for a complete paint protection film treatment.


Much like a good set of curtains can cover up pretty much anything that is going on inside of a house, a spectacular paint job can hide the imperfections of the interior. Detailing the interior can take a a lot of time and it seems like it never lasts, if only there were some sort of clear protection film for the interior as well. Detailing the exterior of a car is time consuming in the fact that most do not actually do it. They simply pull up to the car wash and either spray off the vehicle or drive it through one of the brushless automatics that are so popular. On a side note if you are going to use an automatic car wash the best performing and safest for your paint is a brushless. Brushes tend to trap dirt and abrasive materials in their fibers, creating microscratches in your paint.

Anatomy of Your Paint

If you were to look a your vehicle’s paint under a very high powered microscope it will look much more rough than it appears. The paint itself is much more complex than most people think and is actually made up of a few different components, primer, paint, and clear coat. The primer is bonded to the bare metal of the body panel, primer is a thick paint that sticks to bare metal very well and creates a rough surface for the base coat of paint to stick to. The base coat is applied over the primer and generally has a bit of pigment mixed in with it. Pigment is the actual color of the vehicle and can come in many forms in the paint, small pieces of aluminum or other metals are used to get the desired effect. The clear coat is the factory layer of protection that is designed to be a buffer between the base coat and the environment.

Supreme Protection

These layers of paint are constantly bombarded with cosmic rays, dirt, chunks of jagged metal, and even acidic bird poop. The factory clear coat provides little protection against many of these environmental hazards. After a while your paint will begin to compound debris that actually stick in the paint and will dull the finish. Interestingly enough one of the biggest contaminants on a vehicle is railroad dust. Many manufacturers utilize the railroad to ship their vehicles to the dealer and rail dust coats many cars that are brand new. At Performance Paint Protection we understand that many cars are already contaminated when we get them. That is why we have an extremely comprehensive preparation process before we install the paint protection film. We make absolutely sure that your paint is in pristine condition before we commence with the paint protection film. This is what sets us apart from the competition. Contact us today if you want to elevate your vehicle’s exterior back to showroom quality with Performance Paint Protection.