Because of the fact that we offer a high-end automotive protective film in Fort Lauderdale, we get the privilege of working on some amazing rides. We love seeing the beautiful vehicles that come in our shop and we’re proud to know that we’re helping them stay in pristine condition. If you love cars, then you probably love watching car auctions on television. The most well-known auto auction is probably Barrett-Jackson. This high-end classic auto auction holds events across the United States. They just had an auction in Palm Beach last April, where they sold some incredible vehicles, including a 1988 Lamborghini Countach for a cool $236,500. While that’s more than most of us make in a year (or two or three), that’s far from being the most expensive car ever sold at auction. Here are a couple jaw-dropping vehicles and their equally jaw-dropping sale prices.

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta, Chassis 3851GT

Sold for $38,115,000

No, we didn’t misplace a period somewhere. This little beauty really sold for more than $38 million dollars and sets the record for being the most expensive car ever sold. The owner had it for nearly 50 years when it went to auction. Before that, it had quite a history as a racing car that had crashed on more than one occasion, one of which took the life of the driver.

1939 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Lungo Spider by Touring

Sold for: $19,800,000

Sold by Sotheby’s in 2016, this beauty is a classic touring car. It’s big and comfortable, but that’s not why it fetched the high price. It’s one of 12 ever made by Touring, the history of which was well documented by historians. For a vehicle that’s nearly 80 years old, it’s in absolutely beautiful condition.

1962 Aston Martin DB4/GT Zagato

Sold for: nearly $12,000,000 (£9,450,000)

This is one of the most expensive British vehicles ever sold at auction. Little wonder, since James Bond himself was a fan of the Aston Martin. This particular one was actually sold in New York. Unlike some of the other vehicles on this list, it doesn’t sport the usual flashy paint job in red or white but instead has a beautiful sage green color that adds to its sophistication. James Bond would be proud.

1954 Mercedes W196

Sold for: $29,600,000

This isn’t like a lot of cars you see on this list, let alone anything you’ll see on the road. It’s a single-seater racing vehicle, but one with a winning history. This vehicle won a number of Grand Prix races before it went to auction. We’re sure some racing lover is proud to have this one in their collection!

While your vehicle might not be worth quite as much as these (or even close to a tenth of their value!), it still deserves some love. Our automotive protective film can help your paint stay perfect for years to come. Who knows? In another 50 years, your car might be a collector’s item that appears on this list! Schedule your service with our Fort Lauderdale team today and get a custom-fit paint protection film installation done right away.