1. In Defence of Keeping it Original

    There is a trend in the automotive community that is somewhat counterintuitive, keeping a classic vehicle  in unrestored condition. At Performance Paint Protection we have installed paint protection film on a wide variety of vehicles, everything from European exotics to family sedans. Regardless of…Read More

  2. Racing Heritage

    Legends used to be made on the racetrack. The old adage was “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday”. This was back in the era when a consumer could go into a dealership and actually buy a vehicle that looked and performed like the one taking the checkered flag. The engines in these cars were not as dram…Read More

  3. Paint Protection Film is Not Just For Excotics

    If you have been reading the Performance Paint Protection blog for awhile you know that we are involved in exotics and high end vehicles. This time however, we wanted to talk about what we like to call the everyday exotics that many of us drive as a daily form of transportation. Not that the vehicle…Read More

  4. Triple Threat

    It can be said that we are in the middle of an American performance renaissance. The vehicles that are coming out of Detroit these days are simply astounding. It is these cars that truly keep the spirit of exceptional performance alive in this time of self driving, autonomous vehicles. The self driv…Read More

  5. The Most Expensive Cars Ever Sold at Auction

    Because of the fact that we offer a high-end automotive protective film in Fort Lauderdale, we get the privilege of working on some amazing rides. We love seeing the beautiful vehicles that come in our shop and we're proud to know that we're helping them stay in pristine condition. If you love cars,…Read More

  6. The Most Common Causes of Paint Damage

    Our clear bra paint protection is the perfect solution for protecting the paint on vehicles in Fort Lauderdale! It's clear, won't yellow, and is custom fit to your car for the ultimate performance. Thanks to our self-healing protective film, you can protect the paint on your vehicle for years to com…Read More