Our clear bra paint protection is the perfect solution for protecting the paint on vehicles in Fort Lauderdale! It’s clear, won’t yellow, and is custom fit to your car for the ultimate performance. Thanks to our self-healing protective film, you can protect the paint on your vehicle for years to come.

If your car isn’t covered by our clear bra paint protection, take a closer look at your paint job. Chances are good that you’ll see plenty of divots, chips, cracks, and scratches in the surface of your paint. All of that depreciates the value of your car, and if it isn’t fixed, can lead to more serious issues like rust. But what’s causing all of that damage? Here are the most common causes of paint damage to vehicles in Florida.

What Causes Paint Damage?

Bird Droppings

It’s not just gross and unsightly to have bird droppings on your car; it could actually be damaging the paint. Bird droppings contain uric acid, which is strong enough to start eating the finish off of your paint job if you leave it there long enough. Avoid parking under trees if you can. If not, just make sure you take your vehicle to the car wash as soon as possible and ensure that all traces of the bird droppings have been erased from the surface of your car.

Rocks and Stones

You are driving down the highway, minding your own business, when all of the sudden you hear a loud thud against your car. When you stop, you’ll probably discover that a large rock has been thrown against your car. If it didn’t crack your windshield, it probably damaged your paint. It’s very common for vehicles who are following semi trucks too closely to experience this kind of damage, as the large semi tires can pick up and throw road debris rather easily. However, sometimes stones just fly against your vehicle no matter how much space you leaving between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

Extreme Temperatures

If there is something on this list that Florida residents know well, it’s this one. Temperatures can have a big negative effect on your paint job. As the temperatures cool off and warm up, the paint on your vehicle actually expands and contracts. Sometimes this can result in cracks in the paint. This then allows moisture to get into the paintwork and start to cause damage. If possible, parking your vehicle in a garage can help protect it from extreme temperature variations.

Sharp Objects

Whether it’s a car door, a key, a tree branch, or your kid’s bike handlebars, sharp objects have it out for your vehicle and they are hard to avoid. Even if you take extra precautions and leave your vehicle in the garage or park it way out at the end of the parking lot, there is still a good chance that something sharp is going to encounter your vehicle and end up scratching the paint. Without paint protection like a clear bra, you’ll just have to accept that sooner or later, the damage is going to happen.

Want to make sure your vehicle is protected from these common paint-job dangers? Contact our team for more information about how you can get a customized clear bra paint protection film for your vehicle!