Something can be said for refinement. Refinement does not mean having the most expensive things, it does however, mean having the finest things and enjoying them to the fullest. There is a certain kind of man that will even consider opening a 30 year old bottle of scotch, simply for the enjoyment of the experience. The same type of person that wears a watch that is not only a precision time piece but is also a testament to the wearer’s sense of class and style. It takes a special individual to truly enjoy the finer things in life.

The State of Mind

In the mind of a person who truly personifies the meaning of refinement it is critical that everything has its place and is in order. For those of us who appreciate fine automobiles, or simply have a favorite ride they like to cruise around on weekends, having your car in order is of utmost importance. Gone are the days when cars were designed to keep common items in regulated spaces. The last bastion of intelligent organization in today’s vehicles is the glove compartment. The gimmicky, sometimes comical apparati that some factory interior designers come up with is baffling. Ford once produced a “female oriented” Explorer, complete with a lipstick holder and the VW flower vases are legendary for their uselessness. That being said, it is generally up to the owner to glean storage from the odd pockets and nooks that are hidden throughout contemporary automobiles. To personify order and refinement in your car do yourself a favor and leave everything in the house. You don’t need that extra pair of sunglasses or that can of ginger ale, leave it at home. The only thing you need in the front of your vehicle at any time is your registration and insurance card. Okay, so that is not always practical but it is a goal.

Detail it Yourself

Keeping the inside of your car looking immaculate is a skill on par with crafting bonsai trees into living art. The attention to detail, and the skills involved in properly detailing a car takes a person that truly knows what it means to do a job right. A good detailer will always go the extra mile to create a vehicle that not only is crisp, clean and pleasant on the inside, they will create an exceptional facade that highlights the immaculate interior. To a car owner, it can be a toss up as to what is more important, the interior or exterior. Of course, at Performance Paint Protection we believe that the exterior is the most important part of the vehicle but we will get to that later.

How It’s Done – The Pre-Detail

Start off with a quick vacuum of the interior to get the debris that are on the seat and in the carpet. Keep the vacuum handy as it is an easy way to dust the interior. Then you will need a few supplies:

Assorted brushes: Dusting brush, toothbrush, foam staining brushes and a small detailing brush.

Clean White Detailing Cloths: These can be found at any auto parts store and will not transfer color to the interior.

Olive Oil

Cabin Air Filter

Assorted Dental Picks

All Purpose Cleaner

Stain Remover

Dish Soap

Next time we will go over exactly how to make your car’s interior shine with these common household products.

Get Out And Drive

There are many exceptional vehicles that simply sit in garages for no other reason than they are valuable. Cars at their core are as much about being used and driven as they are about providing a sense of passion for their owners. A car that sits, unused in a garage for years at a time is not doing anyone any good. The owners may be worried about the paint becoming chipped and scratched, well if that is the case Performance Paint Protection has the answer. Our automotive protection film is custom cut to provide an incredibly effective barrier against the dangers of the road. In this series, we will explore detailing as it would be done on a top rated show car and we will tell you a bit about how we get our clients cars ready for the XPEL Paint Protection process. Stay tuned!