We are proud to be the top paint protection film installation company in Fort Lauderdale. What exactly is paint protection film? The term clear bra might come to mind, and that would be similar to what Performance Paint Protection is doing. Gone are the days when paint protection consisted of yellowed, peeling strips of plastic on the hood of a 1987 IROC Z. Technology has finally caught up to the needs of the industry and Performance Paint Protection is on the cutting edge. Our process is proven to provide the best results possible.

The Benefits

Much like you, we love our cars, in fact, our team is responsible for some of the most coveted cars in the world. Built with pride, the vehicles run the gamut of race, performance and collector cars. Anyone who knows about high end cars knows that it is a massive amount of work to keep them in original condition. The investment of time and money, not to mention a certain bond that can form between a car and its owner, dictates an elevated system of care. We wash them with the finest cloths, rub them down with insanely expensive washing solution and dry them with imported microfiber towels. You use filtered water, detailing products and clean the wheels with a toothbrush. Ultimately, the washing will take a toll on the delicate paint and clearcoat, due to the contaminants that stick to the side of the car. Things like brake dust and organic material that collect on your paint, can eat into the clear coat and cause uneven color.

How do you combat this inevitable disintegration of your pride and joy? Simple, Performance Paint Protection film is ideal for anyone wanting to protect their car or truck from the dangers of the road. Gravel, runaway shopping carts, and many other things can destroy the paint on your car in a matter of a few years. The solution is our proprietary paint protection film. The clear or colored polyurethane film is designed to withstand abrasives, prevent rock chips and keep your paint looking showroom fresh, even if that paint is from 1954. The world, for cars, is a rough place, with Performance Paint Protection film your car has a fighting chance. It is like gently wrapping your paint in a suit of armor that will prevent incidental damage that can occur to even the most careful driver. Give your car a fighting chance against the road.    

The Process

You may be wondering what the advantage is of wrapping your car in polyurethane. The Performance Paint system ensures that your car will stay gorgeous for years to come. That is all well and good but what about the integrity of the film? As we noted before, our film is designed to last, without cracking and yellowing. This is due to the superior quality of our film and our installation process. The most important part of the film application process is the preparation. Our expertise in vehicle restoration has made us extremely detail oriented when it comes to installation. The vehicle is meticulously inspected and all blemishes are marked for repair, we do not even allow a swirl in the paint to remain before installation. The vehicle is wet sanded if need be to ensure the paint is absolutely perfect. The final step before installation is an inspection from one of our paint specialists. As you can see, the final outcome relies on an extensive amount of preparation and in our process the preparation is the key.    

Upon installation, the exact vehicle model is rendered into a die cutter that will print the individual panels for installation. These panels are laser measured and precise, minor trimming is almost never necessary. We ensure that no dust is present and that the vehicle is ready to have the clear film installed. The result is a super tough barrier from the little dangers that can wreck a paint job over time. The best part about Performance Paint Protection film is the fact that it is removable, without damaging the paint underneath. It is like the plastic your weird great aunt Carol used to have on her sofa! Of course with at least 10 years of protection, we don’t see any reason why you would want to remove the film.

We have discussed the benefits and the process but it always comes down to cost. The most amazing thing about our paint protection film is that is will not break the bank. Considering that our preparation process is designed to provide perfect results, the cost is relatively low compared to our competitors. We want to provide the finest possible result for you and your vehicle. Take a moment to watch a video of the process and if you have anymore questions, please do not hesitate to contact our offices today!