If you have been reading the Performance Paint Protection blog for awhile you know that we are involved in exotics and high end vehicles. This time however, we wanted to talk about what we like to call the everyday exotics that many of us drive as a daily form of transportation. Not that the vehicles we drive everyday are somehow inferior to high performance and luxury cars, they just cost significantly less. Our daily drivers are subjected to much more adversity than any excotic car out there. While we love installing paint protection film on cars of all types, we have to say that our favorites are the daily warriors out there, dodging potholes, goose poop, and the occasional untied mattress. Exotics get to come out on weekends and only when the weather is good, what kind of a life is that?

Road Warriors

The term daily driver originates from the fact that most people drive everyday and the cars that they drive are called daily drivers. Nothing scientific about it, we use these cars to get the kids to school, commute to and from work, and even the occasional trip to the beach. They may sit outside in the rain, longing for a garage, and do they complain? Of course not, they start up faithfully, each and every time the key is turned. These are the vehicles that deserve the finest in paint protection available. These road warriors take a beating and in some of them it can show.


One day, you may want to trade your old grizzled daily driver in for a newer model. In this case, you will have an appraiser look over the vehicle and place an almost insultingly low offer for your beloved car. They will look at factors like mileage, addition of aftermarket parts, interior condition, and of course paint condition. If your paint condition is very low, you are simply not going to get as much for your vehicle at trade in, no matter how amazing it drives. Which is why paint protection film is not just for high end and luxury vehicles. Whether you drive a Mclaren on weekends or cruise your Prius, Performance Paint Protection is proud to offer superior paint protection for every type of vehicle. Let us show you how to increase your trade in value with paint protection film.