Legends used to be made on the racetrack. The old adage was “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday”. This was back in the era when a consumer could go into a dealership and actually buy a vehicle that looked and performed like the one taking the checkered flag. The engines in these cars were not as dramatically different as they are today. The 426 Hemi powered Richard Petty’s Plymouth and a fan could head to the dealership to pick out his own Plymouth. Things like that just do not happen in this day and age. The combination of Petty and the Hemi was so potent that Dodge designed the iconic Superbird to entice Petty to return to Mopar. The result is one of the most recognizable American automobiles ever built and the dream barn find of every car nut out there. At Performance Paint Protection we are those kind of guys. The guys who can stand back and truly drink in the velvety smooth contour of a ‘57 Speedster or the slanted, shark grin of a early 60’s Mustang. We live for this stuff and our passion is keeping our client’s vehicles in pristine condition.

Born At The Track

Much like the 426 Hemi, Performance Paint Protection has deep roots in the racing community. We are responsible for building some of the most incredible vehicles in the world. Race cars, show cars and rare exotics have all darkened our doorway for restorations and much more. These experiences have allowed us to observe the wear and tear that can happen to the paint job of one of these survivors. It seemed we were always buying touch up paint for our cars, especially for track use. Enter XPEL Paint Protection. The XPEL system is designed to provide an invisible finish that can protect your precious car from environmental hazards like rock chips, road grit and brake dust. Unlike previous technology, this paint protection film will not crack, peel or turn yellow and is designed to last. Superior protection for the street and the track.

Protect Your Investment

Most of us do not buy a car in order to turn around and sell it. That being said, certain vehicles can be considered “investments” and shamefully locked away for an indeterminate amount of time. Regardless of your motivation for buying a car, its true purpose should be to be driven. The easiest way to protect your investment is with Performance Paint Protection, because nothing sells a car like a shiny coat of paint. The paint protection film is removable when you want to sell the vehicle, leaving a gorgeous paint job that is showroom fresh.

For The Love Of Cars

Protecting our clients’ cars, regardless of whether they are investment opportunities or track beasts, is a passion of ours and we appreciate the opportunity to work with such amazing vehicles. As we said before, we are car guys just like you and understand the unsaid bond between a driver and their vehicle. Protect your baby with paint protection film from Performance Paint Protection.