Your dream has finally come true. After the years of window shopping, you have settled on a pitch black Challenger Hellcat with a custom, red stripe down the hood. The epitome of everything you have ever wanted in a car, the ideal vehicle. The car that had invaded your dreams since kicking your redline Hotwheels down the stairs as a child. The sheer power and style of the car bring you back to the days when muscle cars ruled the streets. The era in which you feel you should have been old enough to experience, instead your formative years were destroyed by a push towards vehicle efficiency in the infancy of a global economy. That’s right the muscle car was killed in 1974 a victim of global politics. RIP.


Of course the Hellcat you have added to your stable is a shining testament to not only nostalgia but the growing idea that people will pay for what they want. Getting something like the Hellcat past the final design and build process, into actual production signals a renaissance that muscle car fanatics have been waiting for for forty years. Of course, we have had bright moments in the past where the doorway between the production muscle car and the public has been open just a crack and been able to look in. Cars like the Supra, WRX, Mustang Cobra, and the Corvette have all carried the torch for factory muscle throughout the dark days of manufacturers trying to figure out how to make power and efficiency exist in the same vehicle. These cars threw efficiency in the face of the powers that be and have emerged as bright lights in the dark ages of American hot rod building.

Hot Rodding              

Hot rodding is where the road begins for many of us. A pastime, or career, in which the main goal is to go faster, and that is pretty much it. There are people who are passionate about having the fastest drone, the fastest lawnmower, and the quickest mountain bike. Anything can be hot rodded if enough work is put into the experimentation. Even the human body can be hot rodded, just ask the World Doping Agency. Whether it is with chemicals, parts or something that we have not even thought of yet, hot rodding will continue. The space race of the 1960s was a form of hot rodding with the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. both vying to put a man on the moon. Both sides building bigger, faster machines to beat the opponent. Doesn’t sound too much different from a Saturday night grudge race in a deserted part of town does it?

The Future

What will the future of hot rodding look like? The definitive answer is: the same as it always has. Hot rodding will never change. It is a pretty good bet that the first Mesopotamian that successfully built a wheel had a guy building a bigger and faster version in his garage. Humans are intimately obsessed with competition and will go to any length to beat the other person. At some point, maybe we will be slaves to the robots after an artificial intelligence revolution of some kind but we will still be racing space ships with hopped up hydrogen engines or something.             

Celebrate The Present

In celebration of the infancy of a new era of hot rodding, Performance Paint Protection would like to remind you that it is not simply enough to have the fastest car. Now days, the new breed of muscle cars are a dime a dozen and in order to set yourself apart you need to have the best looking car. Gone are the days when a primer gray paint job is acceptable, to be legit you must have flawless paint and keep it protected. Paint protection film from Performance Paint Protection is engineered to stand up to the harsh environments of the streets and come out smiling. Removable and designed to keep your paint flawless, paint protection film is the perfect choice for a Hellcat, keep it looking good while protecting your investment. So go ahead and let that  malevolent growl of the exhaust announce that your car is the fastest, what they will remember is how good it looks.