Ceramic is a multi layer-able, clear, liquid Nano-ceramic coating. When cured, this Nanotechnology will transform itself on the surface to a permanent, durable yet flexible shield. Five times harder than wax with self-cleaning properties.


Our professional team has worked on some of the most desirable custom cars in the world; everything from IMSA Race Cars to concours restored vintage Alfa Romeos, Ferraris, and Porsches. Who better to protect your investment than our team?

Our entire process sets us apart, from full clay bar, wet sanding, to paint correction.

Head installer, Cole Safina has is advanced certification in wrap installation of Avery and 3M products and is an authorized dealer for Liquid Armour. Cole has an extensive portfolio of custom vehicles that he has designed and customized.

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We promise to protect your investment with best overall quality. Our quest for excellence doesn’t stop there. We ensure that your automobile protection products are only installed by highly qualified experts. Our workmanship is backed by our extensive warranties.


Paint protection film does not have to break the bank. We guarantee the lowest price and the highest quality workmanship. How can we afford to do this? We started providing paint protection as a service to our high-end custom clients.

We simply work at a lower profit margin with the hope that you will refer friends and family to us. This has been a winning formula since 80% of our business has been through referrals. Our intention is to build our brand by delivering the best service at the lowest cost. We tend to be 30% less expensive than our competition.

As Alexander Graham Bell so famously said, “Preparation is the key to success.” Many companies gloss over the preparation and the client ends up with an inferior final result. We take great pride in preparing your vehicle correctly and ensuring that your paint protection lasts for years to come.